The Way We Get Married

By now, you've heard all about "The Way We Get By," the documentary by Old Town native Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly. People call it "the troop-greeter movie," because on the surface, the film is about a trio of senior citizens who greet American soldiers with a warm welcome, food, free cell phones and a giant "thank-you" during refueling stops at Bangor International Airport. The troop greeters — and there are way more than three of them — are famous in these parts. What makes the story so compelling, however, is what happens when the greeters leave the airport. Their day-to-day lives are at once hope-filled and heartbreaking — and Gaudet and Pullapilly tell their stories masterfully.

But there's another story to tell. One that is heartwarming. And one that you may not have heard about. It's about work and love and getting by. Gaudet and Pullapilly aren't just creative collaborators. They're engaged. And when you're putting everything you have into promoting your film and the people who made it possible (the couple often bring the film's three stars along to the premieres) you don't have much left over for a wedding.

After the Orono premiere of "The Way We Get By," wedding planner Amber Small of Sweetest Thing Weddings and her colleague Jessika Brooks of The Retreat at French's Point decided to change all that. They are a part of Real Weddings Maine, a group of high-end wedding vendors from throughout New England who have come together to give Aron and Gita a wedding, free of charge, during the weekend of Oct. 15-17. There are far too many to list here, but to see the full list, which reads like a Who's Who of the New England wedding scene, click here.

Many of the details are a surprise for the couple, but Gita's family will come from India and stay for a week at the retreat, and the festivities include a lobster bake and a trip to Bar Harbor.

It promises to be as big of a production as "The Way We Get By." And the lead actors, Gita and Aron, are as deserving of attention as their big-screen counterparts. As Small says, they gave everything they have to make the film and to get the troop greeters' story out there. So why not give back? It's the Maine way — the way we get by.

For more information, visit Real Weddings Maine.

Photo courtesy of Real Weddings Maine.


Susanna said...

Oh I love this story! Gita and Aaron...I'm so happy for you and miss you so much. This weekend is my anniversary weekend too! October is a fantastic time for a Maine wedding. I wish you the best of luck...and hopefully we will get to see each other soon!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to read your description of the movie! Yes, there are more than 3 Troop Greeters (259 to date) and they come in all different sizes, ages and walks of life. Thanks for making the distinction.

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