Game On

And now, for something totally random...

We were poking around on Etsy this morning, looking for a little Halloween inspiration, when we discovered this little gem: a handmade vampires vs. mummies checkerboard. Then we saw the zombies vs. townspeople version and we were hooked — The Maven is a closet video game addict, and she enjoys anything that involves shooting zombies, especially the "Resident Evil" series.

Designed by Bonnie Thomas, a Kennebunk-based author and therapist who likes to incorporate art into her work with children, they feature handpainted wooden "checkers" on a recycled wood board. And if checkers aren't your thing, try Bonnie's place card holders — choose from skeletons or ninjas and zombies.

They're just the thing for Halloween parties. And unlike "Resident Evil," these handmade wooden treasures are so cute, it's scary. 

To visit Bonnie Thomas' Etsy store, P's and Q's, click here.


Jessica Moreau Berry said...

Weeeeeeee.....who doesn't love Dear Bonnie's fabulous work, and ESPECIALLY this checkerboard!

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