To-Do List, 9.11.09

You're as pale as you were in May. A quarter of your house still isn't painted because it never stopped raining for long enough to dry out. And don't even start with the garden. It looks hideous and you've managed to coax a single tomato out of the 10 vines you planted.

TGIF. That's thank God it's fall, kids. Well, maybe not by the calendar, but it sure feels like it. And as all schoolchildren know, fall is a time of new beginnings.

The weekend is full of possibilities. So start now.

Eat ME
Maine Fare will offer a taste of the state's finest foods and wines — along with plenty of food for thought. Friday's tasting dinner, which pairs Maine ingredients with local libations, is among the highlights, as is the Whole Hog demonstration (for meat lovers and those with iron stomachs). Friday's "Can Maine Feed Itself?" promises to be a thought-provoking panel discussion, and it's free and open to the public.
Where: Various locations in Camden and Rockport
When: Friday, Sept. 11-Sunday, Sept. 13

Drink ME
It's not hot toddy time ... yet. So celebrate the chill in the air with a chill in your beer — Geary's Autumn Ale, that is. This perennial favorite from Portland is a darker, nuttier brew, and purists can rejoice because unlike many fall ales, this one isn't spiced.
Where: Your local beverage merchant
When: This evening, on your back deck
Web: Geary's

Pack A Basket With ME
PB&J? Check. Six pack? Packed. Lawn chairs? Got 'em. Live indie music? Yep. PICNIC Music + Arts Festival has it all — along with more than 70 local vendors selling handcrafts, fine art, bicycles, vintage goodies and what have you.
When: Saturday, Sept. 12
Where: Lincoln Park, Portland
Web: Picnic

Get Crafty With ME
When you think craft fairs, you think doilies and crocheted dishcloths, right? Think again. Between the quality of the work on display and the stunning setting, Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival elevates craft fairs to a new level. Included in this year's lineup is goldsmith Pamela Hitchcock, whose work is pictured at right. Plus, it benefits the Laudholm trust.
When: Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 12-13
Where: 342 Laudholm Farm Road, Wells
Web: Laudholm


Steve Hoad said...

The forecast for beautiful weekend weather and our Farm's booth at Maine Fare have us really excited. From the looks of the exhibitor list, the samples alone will be worth the price of admission. And demonstrations and panel discussions: Its Maine Fare for Emma's Family Farm this weekend!

MBouchard said...

Also this weekend, the Medieval Faire at Fort Knox, Salmon and Pirate festivals in Eastport and the Greenville Fly-in. Lots to do!

A. Dinsmore said...

And this Sunday is also Maine Apple Sunday. Many local orchards are participating. Oh, the growing list of possibilities!

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