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We're a little obsessed with Richard Russo's books. Whenever we hear there's a new one on the horizon, we become like those people who used to line up in front of bookstores at midnight for the next installment of "Harry Potter." We buy the book immediately, and we won't put it down until we're finished.

Sometimes this can be a bit inconvenient. Like when "Bridge of Sighs" came out. The Maven bought it in an airport bookstore on the way to Nashville — a two-layover trip. Which was a great idea, except said novel weighed approximately 48 pounds and took up more room in the carry-on than her laptop.

We have no idea how much "That Old Cape Magic" will weigh, but we can't wait for its release on Aug. 4. The novel, set on Cape Cod, starts with one wedding and ends with another, and in the middle, the story of the narrator's own marriage unfolds. Griffin, our protagonist, is a man who has everything he wants — or, everything he thought he wanted — at the start of the book. Since this is a Russo novel, that perfect life quickly starts to unravel. For a great Q&A with the author, visit Amazon.

Russo will hold a book launch at 5 p.m. Aug. 4 at Owl and Turtle Bookshop in Camden, his hometown. On Aug. 5, he has a 1 p.m. signing at Left Bank Books in Searsport and a 7 p.m. signing at First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Portland (put on by the Portland Public Library). Click here for more author information and tour dates.

We can't wait. Especially since we're not flying anywhere soon.


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