To-Do List, 7.25.09

For this weekend's To-Do List, we've decided to trade Mad Libs for really freaking irate libs. Fill in the blanks:

"I was really psyched to spend the week at our beachfront ____. In fact, I have been dreaming about this since _______. Unfortunately, it has been ____-____ raining for the last eight _______ weeks. So instead of relaxing on the _____, we're sitting inside playing _______ card games and if my mother-in-law doesn't stop cheating at Canasta, I'm going to ____ her. Meanwhile, the kids haven't stopped ______ for days. I'm about to _____ them in for a 12-pack of PBR. And if that weren't enough, the ____ just sprung a leak. Awesome. But this __-__ list is going to make everything better. I _______ promise."

Eat ME
Since it might as well be wintertime, why not snack on a bag of homemade Chex Mix and pretend it's Christmas in July? Lani Temple and the crew at Megunticook Market in Camden make it just like Mom/Grandma/Aunt Bev used to.
Where: Megunticook Market, 2 Gould St., Camden.
When: Chex as Chex can.

Drink ME
A Dark and Stormy seems appropriate, yes? Mix 2 ounces dark rum (Goslings Black Seal is the classic) and 6 to 8 parts ginger beer, depending on your taste. Clearly, you need to use either Maine Root Ginger Brew or Capt'n Eli's Ginger Beer for this.
Where: Under a giant umbrella in your flooded backyard.
When: After noon, please.
Web: Maine Root; Capt'n Eli's.

Float Away With ME
The Grand Lake Stream Folk Art Festival is one of Maine's best summer events. This year, Grand Lake Stream might just be Grand Lake River by now, but why let a little rain dampen the fun? Glorious artisan work (such as Heather Perry's jewelry, pictured) in an amazing location.
Where: Grand Lake Stream.
When: July 25-26
Web: Grand Lake Stream Folk Art Festival

Wear ME
We've spent the entire summer indoors, sitting in front of a computer, but at least we found a few cool things. We're especially fond of the handmade clothing and accessories by Chyk Shop, based in Scarborough and Ukraine (yes, Ukraine).
Where: your laptop.
When: 24-7.
Web: Chyk Shop


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