Nice Knobs

There are two types of renovators: those who are just fine with whatever they find at The Home Depot or Lowe's, and those who aren't. Perhaps that's the true distinction between a renovation and a restoration, but either way, you fall under the latter category.

You obsess over the tiniest details. You're willing to pay 80 percent more for nails that look rustic. You scoured hundreds of antiques shops to find the perfect soap dish. You're trying to figure out how to reproduce the look of pumpkin pine. You're the only person you know who actually takes the bathtub with them when they move.

For you, we recommend a trip to Decorum in Portland's Old Port. Southern Mainers have revered this place for decades, with good reason: they sell everything a demanding homeowner could ever want or need, from custom-made lighting to reproduction glass knobs, which is what brought us there on a recent afternoon. Not only were they perfect for the rustic jelly cabinet we just built, they also cost 50 percent less than our favorite online supplier, Van Dykes Restorers. If you need knobs or drawer pulls, this is the place to go. There are more than 100 options in stock, all of them far more appealing than what you'll find at your local big box.

Decorum also carries one of the best selections of higher-end sinks and bathtubs we've seen in Maine. So next time you move, you can leave the tub behind.

Decorum is located at 231 Commercial St. in Portland or online at Decorum Hardware.


Mimi said...

I've been looking at buying some knobs for my kitchen made out of beach rocks. They're expensive! I decided to make my own. This summer I gathered smooth, knob sized stones in Bar Harbor, picked up some nuts and bolts and spacers at Home Depot, some epoxy and I'm getting ready to make my new kitchen knobs when I have a free afternoon. They're all different and I picked each one out myself -- and they cost WAY less (like less than $1 each) than in stores.

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