Lunchtime Luxury

The most common question we hear at The Maven — hands down — is, "Where should I eat when I'm in _______." We're happy to give a recommendation, because we love supporting independent restaurants and promoting excellence in a sea of mediocrity and chains.

When somebody asks us that question in Bangor, we don't even need to think before answering (well, at lunchtime, anyway). The best lunch in town comes from Montes International Catering. Yes, there are a handful of excellent lunch spots in Bangor (Giacomo's, Bagel Central and Thistle's come to mind), and the Bangor Lunch Mob has done a great job showcasing the city's noontime scene. But Montes is the gold standard. If it's any indication, Carmen and Arturo Montes and their crew catered The Maven's wedding and made the groom's cake for the rehearsal dinner.

So we're always a little surprised that more people don't know about Montes. Yes, it's tucked away on Columbia Street. And yes, the recent construction in that area has really made it quite difficult to get there. But it's only a block up from Main Street, kids, and the food — all made in house — is more than worth the walk.

It's not even 7 a.m. yet, and already we're dreaming of the rare beef tenderloin sandwich with Manchego cheese and horseradish mayo on a housemade roll. Since it's finally hot outside, though, we'd probably opt for the Salada Azteca — jumbo shrimp, pineapple and papaya, all grilled, atop fresh greens, served with toasted coconut and a creamy avocado dressing. And the chilled gazpacho is a thing of beauty. While you're there, ask for the iced rooibos tea (heavenly) and do not skip dessert, especially if there's an eclair on the menu. Trust us on this one.

Oh, and if you'd rather do dinner, swing by on your way home from work and pick up one of Montes' gourmet meals to go. The menu changes daily. After you try one, you won't need to ask the best place to eat dinner in Bangor — the answer will be clear: your dining room.

Montes International Catering is located at 72 Columbia St. in Bangor. For a map, click here. For a full menu or more information, visit Montes online.


M.Bouchard said...

...and the gourmet to go serving will feed two people a polite, lovely and delicious dinner. Gents - take note!

Tanya Pereira said...

I could not agree more, Montes is a must-stop for me, usually at least once a week! And their dinners to go (when available) are a fabulous way to dine in style at home. Oh, and they do all my special occasion cakes...

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