Who ever would've guessed a bag of clams could be cute?

Ann Perrino, founder of Cape Elizabeth-based Ann Veronica Handprints, has designed the new "Happy as a Clam" print as a fundraiser for the upcoming Yarmouth Clam Festival. Half of the proceeds from the pictured bag ($15 each, available in summery raspberry hibiscus or blue violet) benefit the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce.

You can get yours at the festival, which takes place July 17-19, or click here to view other bags available in the pattern.

You'll dig it. Even if you don't dig clams.


Dog Blog said...

It's great that you're promoting Ann Veronica's wonderful Clam Bag, but please don't suggest that your readers would not want to eat clams at the Yarmouth Clam Festival.

The Yarmouth Clam Festival is actually the last place you have to worry about red tide. Here are the facts:
• Most clams served at the festival were harvested from Maine waters in May, before any danger of red tide and at the peak time for harvesting, while the waters are still cool and the crop is robust and plentiful.
• The clams are flash frozen (within 24 hours) to preserve flavor and texture.
• Fried clams served at the Ski Club booth, in particular, are certified to be harvested from Maine waters – making them not only a local delicacy, but an environmentally conscious choice, since they require no long-distance trucking. They're thawed gradually before frying, rinsed, and breaded by hand to ensure an extremely high-quality product. They're fried in “zero trans fat” 100% pure canola oil, changed daily during the festival. Furthermore, the used canola oil is collected and recycled locally.

We hope you'll come, enjoy the food, and purchase a Clam Bag - all to support the local nonprofit community organizations who volunteer their time to create a fun, free, and safe place to enjoy all kinds of Maine seafood.

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