Rustic Revival

We spent a lot of time listening to the Rustic Overtones in college. Back then, we would crowd into the basement of one beer-scented fraternity house or another and groove to the band's big-horn sound. Usually, that big-horn sound was too big for a fraternity basement — the acoustics were always horrible — but we loved the Rustics nonetheless. You could even say our friend J. was a groupie.

My, how things have changed since then. J. is married with a son, so she's not really pining for Dave Gutter anymore, and it's been a solid decade since any of us has set foot in a fraternity house. Shortly after we all graduated, the Rustics signed a major label deal. A few years after that, they split up, and we were devastated. But we kept an ear on their other projects over the years — Rocktopus, later known as As Fast As, Paranoid Social Club, even Popsicko.

When they announced a reunion a few years back, we were psyched, but somehow, the fates conspired so we never got around to seeing them live. That's all about to change. The Rustics we knew and loved — minus Spencer Albee, but plus Nigel Hall (who, coincidentally, played at The Maven's wedding) — will play two gigs this weekend: Friday at the Unity Performing Arts Centre and Saturday at Bangor's West Market Festival. As an aside click here to learn more about the festival, an art and fashion extravaganza that promises to be fabulous.

We're so ready to relive the memories — and we're so ready to finally hear the Rustics outside the confines of a frat house basement.

For more information about the Rustic Overtones, click here.


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