Remember that "Seinfeld" episode where George walks around saying, "I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable"?

So do we.

If it were socially acceptable, we would wear designer jeans every day, everywhere, for every occasion. Problem is, most of the boutiques that carry designer labels are full of snotty, arrogant salesgirls who act like it pains them to help a customer.

Not so at Jean Jungle in Scarborough. Maybe it's because owner Carol Cronin is a County girl by birth. Or maybe it's because Cronin and her friends grew tired of shopping at stores with snotty salesgirls. Whatever the reason, the service at Jean Jungle is so good that The Maven brought her mother there for her first foray into designer denim (and, may we say, Mom is rocking those Not Your Daughter's Jeans).

This is a place where girls of all ages — during our last visit, there were teenagers and a woman in her 70s there — can buy chic, perfect-fitting, of-the-moment jeans without feeling awkward in any way. The selection includes Joe's, David Kahn, specialty European lines and Cronin's signature line. The staff is used to women who try on 20 pairs of jeans at a time, so plan to spend an hour there if you go. Better yet, host a jeans party and save serious cash on your own purchase.

If it were socially acceptable, we'd drape ourselves in denim. And make it so that every store's service was as friendly and un-snotty as Jean Jungle's.

Jean Jungle is located at 183 U.S. Route 1 in Scarborough. For more information, click here.


Anonymous said...

I went there and never went back. Talk about snotty salespeople.

Sue said...

Whenever my husband and I visit Maine from Florida every two years, I always make it a point to stop by the JJ. The salespeople are always very helpful and as they help me select my jeans and accessories, I will find them in a changing room, then walk out to model the items. I always end up purchasing more items than what I expected to purchase. We will definitely visit the JJ again when we return next year. By the way, I replenish my wardrobe whenever I visit the JJ. Kodoos to Carol and her staff!!!! S Morgan

Denise said...

I was lucky enough to find Jean Jungle while traveling for my job.
Carol was honest is her recommendations which was greatly appreciated, I also found the cutest rain hat.
I have since purchased several more pair for myself and ordered by mail a pair for my brother and mother for Christmas, the staff was very helpful and recieved in a great Leopard print bag.
Will recommend to my friends,

Anonymous said...

I purchased a pair of babydoll jeans, and they are awsome!! I had a great time in your store.

Anonymous said...

Had a fabulous experience at the Jean Jungle. I'm very self conscious about my aging body. At 49 yrs young, things start to sag. Kathy was a jean expert. She sent me off to try a variety of styles and I was impressed with the outcome. I never thought I would find a pair of accommodating jeans. I bought two pair and returned two weeks later for another pair. I'm now a die hard JJ customer.

Anonymous said...

I'm a is a chore, I like to get in and out. Convenience and service makes it happen. My first experience was so awesome that I've returned numerous times. I now own 7 pair of Silver jeans. Not only are they stylish, but also comfortable. My poker pals are "all in"! I will continue to shop the Jean Jungle in Scarborough.

Great job, love not having to truck off to the mall.


Anonymous said...

Loved my experience at the Jean Jungle in Scarborough. Kathy was awesome. She set me up with a shopping party and we had a blast! Great discounts, lots of fun, and I fell in love with David Kahn jeans.

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