Freeport Fiesta

How excited were we to read MaineBiz Daily yesterday?


Since we can't be two places at once, we were thrilled to learn more about the first round of shops that have opened at Freeport Village Station. The huge shopping center has filled the former L.L. Bean Outlet parking lot, although the plaza does covered parking. It looks like it's time for the Mavens to take a quick road trip.

But where to start?

Among the half-dozen shops that opened over the weekend are Coach, Nike and another Brooks Brothers outlet (Note to Brooks Brothers: PLEASE leave the basement as-is. It's our secret weapon. Love, the Mavens). Plans include PacSun, Oakley Vault, Van Heusen, Calvin Klein and Izod, among others. A new store is scheduled to open every 10 days, and the entire shopping center should be up and running by the end of the summer.

As for bargains, which is what Freeport is all about, if you mention the words "Loyal Local" to clerks in any of the Freeport Village Station shops, they'll give you a "Passport to Savings" otherwise known as "coupons." During the weekend of May 23, AAA members will receive substantial discounts all over town — and the first 75 to register at Freeport Village Station will receive a tote bag full of Maine goodies. Click here for details. And no matter when you visit, check the Freeport Merchants Association Web site first. Here, you'll find the scoop on weekly specials and events throughout town.

So break out your wallet, dust off your credit cards and go, because it looks like you've finally found your station in life. Freeport Village Station, that is.


Samantha Warren Weddings said...

As if we needed more excuses to go to Freeport! So exciting.

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