Everything Is Illuminated

When they say, "You light up my life," Marcie Jan Bronstein and Alan Fishman really mean it.

The husband-and-wife duo — he a painter of bold, sometimes Picasso-esque acrylics, she a photographer who hand-paints her images — have embarked on an artistic collaboration that is truly delightful. Their medium? Lamps.

In "Duetto," Fishman and Bronstein combine vintage bases with hand-painted shades. The result is a revelation. When illuminated, the whole mood of the piece changes as the shade's colors and patterns take on a new depth.

The couple met in Italy in 1991 and now call Belfast home. Fishman is professor emeritus at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and his work has a clarity of color and line reminiscent of the European Modernists. Bronstein, who recently published "Best Seat in the House," infuses her photographs with color in a way that is both surreal and transcendent. In "Duetto," they've found a way to let their individual strengths — and their love light — shine.

Select lamps from the "Duetto" collection, along with Bronstein's photographs, are on display at Carver Hill Gallery (one of our favorite destinations), at 246 Meadow St. in Rockport. For information on the gallery, click here. For more information about "Duetto," visit Marcie Jan Bronstein's site here. Image copyright Marcie Jan Bronstein and Alan Fishman, used with permission.


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