The Candyman Can

Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it in dew (or Jimmies), cover it in chocolate, saltwater taffy too?

Michael Dickinson can.

For the record, the Maven has zero sweet tooth. She craves chips and cheese, not chocolate. And yet, when her oldest, best girlfriend introduced her to Dickinson's Candy Factory in Old Orchard Beach last week, she felt like she had won the golden ticket.

Like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, Dickinson's is a magical, sugary place, where everyone is nice and everything tastes absolutely delicious. Fortunately, Veruca Salt and Augustus Gloop did not join us on this tour.

We were drawn in by an entire display of penny candy and old-school favorites (who knew they even made candy cigarettes anymore?), but the wall of handmade saltwater taffy won over the Maven. The sweet guy working the register told us we could have a sample, so we did and the pistachio is to die for. Saltwater taffy should not taste this good. But at Dickinson's, it does.

My friend told me that most days, you can find Dickinson in the shop's front window, hand-pulling and cutting the taffy on a large marble slab. Unfortunately, we missed the show. But we'll be back, because a place this wonderful deserves a second visit. And a third. And if anyone can change the Maven's mind about sweets, Michael Dickinson can.

He makes the world — or Old Orchard Beach, at least — taste good.

Dickinson's Candy Factory is located at 42 Old Orchard St. in Old Orchard Beach. For more information, call 934-7507 or click here.


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Mmmmmmm... yummy! :)

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