A Stellar Find

Big dogs have big ... needs.

And thanks to Maine's own Planet Dog, they can meet those needs — and have a ball. On the side, the Maven writes a blog
for FetchDog.com, a Portland-based company owned by Glenn Close. While poking around Fetch's new Pink Dog Shop, we stumbled upon the fabulous, Maine-made Big Dog Cosmos Balls.

Since our hounds and their friends are on the large side, we thought these balls — made for dogs 65 to 100 pounds — would make a great toy. You can hide a treat inside, and since they're made of Planet Dog's "Orbee-Tough" material, they'll withstand even the chewiest of chompers.

So go ahead, throw Mars at your mutt. Toss venus at your Vizsla. Send your Samoyed after sol. Or give your Lab a luna.

You'll have a ball. A really big one.

Big Dog Cosmos Balls are 5 inches in diameter, have a minty-fresh flavor and cost $18 each. For more information, click here.


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