Girl Power

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As a teenager, you were the jock of the walk. You totally kicked ass (and balls) on the soccer field. When you hit the road for a softball game, the opposing team cowered in fear in the dugout. And don't even get us started on track — you were so fast, people barely saw you as you streaked by.

So it really got on your nerves when people said you played like a girl.

But today, when Paula Leavitt of Kennebunk and Andrea Pape of Falmouth say it, they mean it as a compliment.

The sisters founded Be a Girl Today in 2007, a Maine-based company that creates fabulous T-shirts, bags and bumper stickers that encourage women of all ages to play like a girl, kick like a girl, ride like a girl, ski like a girl, etc. You get the picture.

Pape's daughters and a team of young, athletic, female relatives serve as their advisory board, so they know what girls want: slim-fitting, flattering Ts, cute canvas bags and lots of attitude. They offer customized team shirts, and their blog encourages dialogue among female athletes from all over the country.

We're just waiting for the golf line, because the Maven totally drives like a girl. At the country club, that's a good thing. In the car? Not so much.

For more information or to shop, visit Be A Girl Today.


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