The Princess Bride

Shopping for a wedding dress shouldn't be painful, but it often is. Between the straight pins (ouch!), the prices ($5,000? For that?) and the salesgirls trying to convince you that mutton sleeves really are a good idea, things can get ugly. Fast.

Don't get us wrong. This doesn't happen everywhere (Thank God for The Henry's), but we've experienced enough tackiness to last us a lifetime.

So when we found out that Greg Tinder recently added custom wedding gowns to his Tsarevich Couture line, our enthusiasm was un-bridaled. Tinder, the creative genius at the Northport-based fur salon and design studio, has an eye for fit — and luxury. His work has been featured in the New York Times Sunday Styles section, and his bridal line is equally press-worthy.

Because he makes each dress individually, by hand, Greg can ensure that each bride gets exactly what she wants. That might mean elaborate Swarovski crystal beading, a Medieval-style gown in icy blue silk, or an elegant sheath with a cathedral-length train. No matter what you choose, his designs will make you feel like you're a fairy tale princess.

And the prices are the icing on the six-tiered, fondant-encased cake. A simple gown starts at $700, though elaborate beading or other exquisite details can quickly bring the price up. Even so, prices like that rival the higher-end offerings at those bridal superstores. For custom. Couture. Without the agony of actually having to set foot in the wedding equivalent of Sam's Club.

We now pronounce you shocked and thrilled. You may now kiss the designer.

For more information, contact Greg Tinder at 207.338.0628 or e-mail To view the Tsarevich Couture fur line, click here. Images courtesy of Tsarevich Couture.


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