Winter Warmer

The forecast calls for a foot of snow. Again. And frankly, you're starting to get a bit tired of your winter wardrobe. All those fancy scarves you bought in September are now covered with coffee stains and your hats are starting to look a bit ratty, too.

Caitlin Cogan (right), a California-trained fashion designer who recently moved to Maine to be closer to her man, has just the antidote. Her handknitted cowls and flower headbands are the perfect balance of whimsy and elegance — much like her other designs.

See, Caitlin isn't just a knitter. She designs and hand-sews gorgeous, romantic dresses and pinup-style lingerie for her clothing lines: Catie Couture; Love, Girl; and the eco-friendly Hybrid Couture. The Maven will get back to those once the weather is warmer, but for now, we'll stick to the knits.

Wear these and you'll look hot — in more ways than one.

To see Caitlin's designs, click here. To read her blog, click here. And if you're on Facebook, do join her Love, Girl fan group.


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