The Chips Are Up

Your friends keep telling you you're crazy like a fox. But they're only part right. You're crazy about a Fox. Fox Family Chips, that is.

For the uninitiated (we know half of you have never set foot north of Augusta — and you call yourself Mainers — pshaw), Aroostook County's rolling hills are blanketed with potato fields. While many of those potatoes head straight to Frito-Lay or McCain, the Fox family keeps its russets a little closer to home. As the story goes, Rhett Fox, who owns Tretts Market in Mapleton, decided to make chips his way: “Thin, but not too thin. Dark, but not too dark.” They could not be yummier, although the barbecue variety is not for the timid.

There hasn't been anything this exciting in the Maine junk food world since Humpty Dumpty rolled off the wall and into Canada. Today, these are the only chips made in Maine, and when you buy a bag, you're supporting a local farmer. And, frankly, they taste better than almost everything else out there. But don't take our word for it — buy your own bag. We'd share, but we already ate ours.

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Monique said...

These are the best chips the world has seen since the Oronoka. And those were hot, so they don't count.

The Salt and Black Pepper are to crunch for.

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