She's baaaack!

Once upon a time, in a farmhouse in Maine, a young woman named Dahlov Ipcar set paintbrush to canvas. It was a beautiful thing. In time, her illustrations – at once simple and complex, whimsical and deep – would grace the pages of more than 30 children's books. Her work would also end up in the collections of some of the country's most prominent museums.

But in 1945, when she agreed to do the artwork for "The Little Fisherman" by Margaret Wise Brown, Dahlov didn't know any of that. All she knew was that she loved animals and the natural world, and her exuberance came through in her artwork. It still does — though the artist is now in her 80s, she still lives and paints in that Georgetown farmhouse. And her work is as beloved now as it was then.

Finally, thanks to Islandport Press of Yarmouth, a new generation of children will get to enjoy her work. This year, Islandport released "The Little Fisherman" and "My Wonderful Christmas Tree," and next year, "The Cat at Night" and "Hard Scrabble Harvest" are on tap. They're an absolute delight.

How's that for happily ever after?

The end.

Dahlov Ipcar's books are available at booksellers throughout Maine, nationally through Barnes & Noble or online at Islandport Press.


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